Hello there, welcome to this channel. My name is Anja.

One of my teaching milestones has herewith begun. Yes we are live… Welcome to Yoga with Anja.

This is my brand new Youtube channel. 

I’m very grateful and super happy to embark onto this journey of online training with you guys. 

As a teacher and student myself, Youtube and online classes are a big part of my daily practice. Now it’s time to give back. Time to share my passion and love for this beautiful practice called Yoga with YOU! 

This platform is a safe space for you to explore your Body, Mind and Soul. What I want as a teacher is to empower you to create your own tools that you can take off the mat and into your day today life. Something that feels nourishing and allows you to soften. 

I will be sharing techniques, practices & philosophies that deeply resonate with my heart. Inspired from many wonderful teachers & students I’ve met along my path so far. Inspired from other Eastern practices such as Thai Chi, Qi Gong, Meditation and Mindfulness.

It makes me emotional thinking that what I’ve learned so far and what deeply resonates with my heart, might resonate with yours too. 

So welcome to my channel. Welcome to Yoga with Anja.

Make sure you subscribe. Share it with your family, friends, work colleagues, doctor, dentist, pets and just everyone that needs some more Yoga in their life. And isn’t this all of us?! 

Thank you for being here! From my heart to yours, Namaste!