I’m a JING trained massage therapist with the emphasis on caring for the entire body, not just the physical self.

“East meets West”. Taking the best of both worlds: from the East, the knowledge of meridians, acupressure points and Thai stretching, self care & holism. From the West, a clinically tried and tested fusion of clinical massage techniques including deep tissue, sports, myofascial release work, trigger point therapy, soft tissue release & the flowing moves of Swedish massage.

A deep tissue treatment can be a full body massage or just work on individual problem areas. In your first 75 Minutes session we will take some time to assess your general health, lifestyle, range of movement and pain condition. Your desired outcome and expectations will also be discussed at this time. 

All these forms of therapy involve hands-on techniques to increase circulation, relieve tension, reduce stress, relieve anxiety, improve sleep, and promote relaxation throughout the entire body!