“I have a child so my shoulders and back are always aching from lifting her up and down all day so I went to see Anja after a friend recommended her. Her calm manner made me feel relaxed from the moment I met her and she is so skilled at what she does. She takes the time to find out where you hold the most tension and works through it during the session. I would highly recommend Anja if you’re looking for an all round relaxing experience and I definitely left feeling like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders!” Cara Goulding

“Anja is a brilliant Massage Therapist. I felt my treatment was very thorough and well as deeply relaxing. Anja really listened to me and gave some excellent self care advice too. I would recommend Anja without a doubt!” Kirsty Mackellar

“Anja is an incredibly kind and skillfull massage therapist and yoga teacher. She’s always heart warmingly friendly and at the same time super professional. Can’t recommend her sessions enough!” Eva Tailor

“I went to Anja for some massage therapy, hoping to alleviate a neck ache and was impressed by her focus and precision. She gave a considered and slow treatment that had a firmness and depth that felt both relaxing as well as thorough and specific. Rather than a just a general relaxation massage, I felt heard, and that I got what my body really needed..like an itch that was scratched, and then soothed. I absolutely recommend this massage therapist, if you want specific and considered treatment in caring hands, her ability to apply just the right pressure and hit all the spots shows deep intuition, a real gift. Thank you got the amazing massage Anja!” Natalie Heng

“Wonderful and inspiring yoga teacher” Thomas Clarke